Your home is your castle, whether you want to shut the door on the world or invite the world in to party, your home should be your sanctuary.  Everything should be just the way you like it and I will ensure that this is the case!



 I will not skimp on the preparation, a good foundation ensures my hard work will last for many a year and you get the very best value for money. 


Home decor is a very personal thing and I will always ensure that I complete all work exactly as the customer has asked.  However, should you require any assistance when choosing colour schemes, paints and wallpapers I will use my knowledge and experience to assist.  I will always be as involved (or not) as you would like me to be.



I apply top quality materials in line with manafacturers specifications.  I always use trusted suppliers who provide top quality products at the very best prices.




Whether I am painting, applying wallpaper or tiling all surfaces will be skimnmed, replastered and lined as necessary to ensure the very best finish.


Before I finish a job I ensure that I go through the original specification line by line and check that everything is as it should be, and make sure that our customers agree. 


It is important to finish a job with a happy customer.


Includes, but is not limited to: -

  • Baseboards

  • Basements

  • Bedrooms, bathrooms

  • ​Cabinets, hand railings

  • ​Crown moldings

  • Family rooms, play rooms

  • ​French doors

  • ​Kitchens, laundry rooms

  • Living rooms, dining rooms

  • ​Offices

  • Walls, ceilings, doors